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When selecting a call center QA solution, there are many questions that need to be answered before you can make an informed decision. Pricing questions are really important as they can make or break a deal instantly. One of the most important things to keep in mind when evaluating prices is that a free tool doesn't mean that there is no cost associated with using the tool. The design, effort, manual labor, maintenance, reporting and sharing all take time, and employee time isn't cheap.

1. How Does Call Center QA Solution Pricing Work?

It's important to understand how the pricing for a call center QA solution works to ensure your budget forecast is accurate. Identify whether it is set pricing, banded pricing, basic v premium, per user, once off, etc.

2. Do I Have to Pay for Training?

Training costs can quickly snowball if a) the training costs are expensive or b) the product is complex and hard to use. Having to pay for training might indicate that the product is difficult to use and change.

3. Are There Any Set-Up Charges?

Often set-up charges may be hidden from the pricing package as they are considered "separate", ask upfront to avoid getting a nasty surprise right before you sign the dotted line!

4. What Will the ROI of the Call Center QA solution look like?

Will you even get a return on investment on each call center QA solution you're looking at? Guaranteed ROI is a great way to judge the value of the deal you're getting. And remember a paid option may be much cheaper in terms of effort and manual labor. Check out Scorebuddy's ROI Calculator here.

5. Will my Monthly Call Center QA Payments Change?

An attractive starting monthly payment can be deceiving if it's a heavily discounted one or if it is the price for a pilot. Make sure you understand what your monthly payment will look like a year down the line.

Next week's blog is about product features questions to ask when selecting a call center QA tool so come back then for that installment.