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Improving Customer Experience and NPS Through Quality Assessment

Measuring call center Quality Assurance is necessary to improve NPS and other customer-driven experience analyticsthat directly correlate with revenue growth. 

This 18 page! eBook contains clear insight into:

  • Understanding the Customer Journey through Your Contact..

On-Demand Webinar: Quality Assessment — Empowering the Contact Center Manager and the C-Suite

  • Why customer journey success is dependent on the investment made in preparing and supporting agents on their journey
  • Why your contact center workforce is the key to successful customer journeys and customer engagement.
  • How Your Contact Center Quality Assessment..

Understanding Call Center Quality Assurance Frameworks

Each call center, at one time or another, fits into, transitions through, or overlaps across three QA frameworks: Operational, Tactical, and Strategic.

The Anatomy of a Good Call

  • What makes your agents tick
  • What a good call looks like
  • What you should be measuring and how

Best Practices in Call Center Quality Assessment

  • The business case for Quality Assessment in Call Centers.
  • Tips for Quality Assessment Plan and Construction.
  • Quality Assessment solutions and buying considerations, including a formula for calculating return on investment.

Call Center Decision Maker's Guide

Who has the time to read a valuable 320 page industry report? We have read it for you and written this summary.

10 years ago, average call duration and cost-per-call were considered to be the most important contact center metrics. In 2015, 32% of survey respondents..

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