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Gap Analysis for Individual Training in the Call Center

A call center is a dynamic organization - always growing, always improving - for the benefit of the brand. The people who take on this important work should be trained - and recognized - to further the organization. Gap analysis employed by managers is the best..

If Your Contact Center Uses Spreadsheets, READ THIS

This eBook is designed for contact center management teams who are striving to create a more positive, efficient, and productive work environment, are focused on improving customer service and are ready to ramp up their internal Quality Assessment process. 

Improving Customer Experience and NPS Through Quality Assessment

Measuring call center Quality Assurance is necessary to improve NPS and other customer-driven experience analyticsthat directly correlate with revenue growth. 

This 18 page! eBook contains clear insight into:

  • Understanding the Customer Journey through Your Contact..

On-Demand Webinar: Quality Assessment — Empowering the Contact Center Manager and the C-Suite

  • Why customer journey success is dependent on the investment made in preparing and supporting agents on their journey
  • Why your contact center workforce is the key to successful customer journeys and customer engagement.
  • How Your Contact Center Quality Assessment..

Understanding Call Center Quality Assurance Frameworks

Each call center, at one time or another, fits into, transitions through, or overlaps across three QA frameworks: Operational, Tactical, and Strategic.

The Anatomy of a Good Call

  • What makes your agents tick
  • What a good call looks like
  • What you should be measuring and how

Best Practices in Call Center Quality Assessment

  • The business case for Quality Assessment in Call Centers.
  • Tips for Quality Assessment Plan and Construction.
  • Quality Assessment solutions and buying considerations, including a formula for calculating return on investment.

Call Center Decision Maker's Guide

Who has the time to read a valuable 320 page industry report? We have read it for you and written this summary.

10 years ago, average call duration and cost-per-call were considered to be the most important contact center metrics. In 2015, 32% of survey respondents..

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