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Agents Respond Most to Quality Scores

In a recent poll conducted by Call Centre Helper across the contact centre industry Quality Scores were voted as the metric that agents respond to most in the contact centre.

66% of those surveyed said agents respond to quality scores, customer satisfaction was the closest metric to this with half agreeing. Only 3% thought agents responded to Net Promoter Score.

Quality scores are directly attributable to the individual agent, the agents themselves have full control over their quality score as it is based exactly on their behaviour and there are no external factors considered. The only other metric presented here that agents have full control over is average handle time, which can be a misleading metric to follow rigidly.  Agents will know that a perfect average handle time is useless if problems haven’t been dealt with effectively, customers aren’t happy and quality isn’t up to scratch. AHT results are only meaningful when they are presented with others.

 What Adam Smith taught us about Contact Centre Agent Performance

This shows that quality scores have the greatest potential to improve employee performance levels. If employee performance levels rise the overall business performance will rise in tandem.

This is somewhat representative of Adam Smith’s ancient economic theory; how rational self-interest and competition can lead to economic prosperity. The theory describes how if the individual is interested in their own welfare and carries out activities that will improve themselves this will have a positive outcome on the economy as a whole. Consider now if every customer service representative is motivated to improve their own performance, this will have a positive impact on the business because of the combination of each individual’s increasing performance level.

 So being self-absorbed can be a good thing!

Wonderful! But how can we harness everyone’s innate selfishness for performance improvement?

Place an emphasis on quality and create a conversation about quality performance with agents individually. Allow the agent to direct the conversation and come up with their own goals.  If an agent feels like they are in the driving seat they will be more committed to succeeding.


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