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Developing Soft Skills in Call Center Agents

In parts one and two of this series, we’ve looked at Soft Skills as a Predictor of Call Center Agent Performance and Assessing Soft Skills in the Call Center Agent Hiring Process. Now we turn to how to develop these soft skills in your existing employees.

How to Assess Soft Skills in the Call Center Agent Hiring Process

To be successful in a call center environment, agents must be able to deal with a high volume of frequently angry customers. They must be able to follow a script and provide information that is not scripted. They must be patient, listen, and adapt as needed.  A call..

Soft Skills as a Predictor of Call Center Agent Performance

Staff turnover is costly for any call center. Several recent studies have shown that most call centers do not even calculate the real cost of their employees leaving which should be composed of hiring costs, training, and lost productivity. Most call centers have a..

Scorebuddy Voted Best Contact Center Technology in Call Centre Helper Awards

Scorebuddy is delighted to announce that they have been voted “Best Contact Center Technology” in Call Centre Helper’s “Top Ten Contact Center Software and Technology” awards for the second time in 2018.

7 ways spreadsheets are hurting your Quality Assessment

Spreadsheets used to be the go-to tool for every call center manager to gather quality assessment data so they could evaluate agents and operations. Using digital scorecards to keep pace with a center’s activity will streamline your process and reveal new..

Outsourcing Your Call Center Services? Consider These Challenges to Improve Quality

It costs more to get a new customer than to upsell an existing customer. That is why customer service and satisfaction is so important. Many companies believe that the only way to handle call center processes are in-house. But a growing number of businesses have..

5 Common Mistakes in Your Call Center Script

Every call center manager knows that when agents start out they need a script to follow when interacting with customers. Using the actors analogy, movie actors are issued with their script (sometimes months in advance) and will have a number of chance to get it..

How to Drive More Sales by Improving Call Center QA

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out.

How to Match Gaps in Agent Training with Learning Opportunities

Root cause analysis in the call center means looking beyond the superficial and identifying the problem’s core. Most negative behaviors have deeper issues at their core, whether they’re human, organizational or physical

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