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Gap Analysis for Individual Training in the Call Center

A call center is a dynamic organization - always growing, always improving - for the benefit of the brand. The people who take on this important work should be trained - and recognized - to further the organization. Gap analysis employed by managers is the best..

How to Drive More Sales by Improving Call Center QA

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out.

How to Match Gaps in Agent Training with Learning Opportunities

Root cause analysis in the call center means looking beyond the superficial and identifying the problem’s core. Most negative behaviors have deeper issues at their core, whether they’re human, organizational or physical

3 Strategies for Developing Call Center QA Guidelines

Every phone customer is familiar with the phrase “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.” Part of any successful call center strategy is developing quality assurance guidelines. How does a manager develop these procedures?

How to Analyze Data to Identify Gaps in Agent Training?

In the first part of this blog series we looked at how quality assurance (QA) and scorecard data can help improve agent performance and lead to greater customer experiences. What about getting to the root of the problem? Unfortunately, many call center managers..

How to Use Scorecard Quality Data to Drive Improvements in Agent Performance and Customer Experience

Quality assurance is a must in today’s customer experience culture. Customers have so many choices available to them and can easily switch to another company, leaving businesses and brand relationships vulnerable. And because the call center is a pivotal point of..

How Scorebuddy Improved Quality Assurance for Permanent TSB 

One of Scorebuddy’s premiere clients, permanent tsb Group, is a leading financial services provider in the Irish market. Permanent tsb offers a wide range of banking products and services including online banking, savings & deposit accounts, mortgages, loans, credit..

How to: Quality Monitoring in the Call Center

Customer experience drives many business initiatives today because customers have so many choices available for the products and solutions they purchase. That’s why the call center—the most direct link for customers—must provide the highest level of service and..

If Your Contact Center Uses Spreadsheets, READ THIS

This eBook is designed for contact center management teams who are striving to create a more positive, efficient, and productive work environment, are focused on improving customer service and are ready to ramp up their internal Quality Assessment process. 

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