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Is Quality Monitoring A Necessary Evil?


Written by Scorebuddy


Ever wonder why when you talk to call centre professionals about quality monitoring you get a marmite response? We delve into the answer by shining a light on both sides on the table and show you how to maximise the love your quality monitoring programme receives.

Quality Monitoring: The Ultimate Frenemy of Call Centres

It can be your best friend and worst enemy: quality monitoring is the ultimate call centre frenemy (although I’m sure it’s not the only business process treated as a frenemy!). People do tend to love it or hate it because it evokes something strong inside of people; dread or delight.

Quality Monitoring – The Enemy: Haters Gonna Hate…

Quality monitoring is the big bad wolf of call centre metrics because it’s not seen as fun, exciting or inspiring. People are often suspicious of the results and many even take them with a pinch of salt. What compounds this is that often suspicions arise for good reason; for example if a scorecard is irrational or weighted inappropriately so much so that results don’t reflect performance.

Many people think quality monitoring is invasive and drives a culture of mistrust around employee performance, whereby behaviour is scrutinised to the nth degree. Others don’t like it simply because it can be time-consuming and tedious. Another popular reason for its distaste is that it only represents a sample of the work being carried out.

But is Quality Monitoring a Necessary Evil?

In the majority of large call centres it is; it allows organisations to track performance overtime, spots trends and pitfalls and adapt behaviour accordingly. While people might complain and dislike it quality monitoring does serve a purpose and it’s not always “evil”… which brings us on to why quality monitoring is valued, respected and welcomed as a metric.

Quality Monitoring – The Friend: Producing High Performance Superstars

A well-oiled quality management system is adored by analysts, managers AND agents. It may be hard to believe if your quality monitoring tool is very limited or if you're using spreadsheets but those of us lucky to be using a robust but easy to use solution that's managed well will know that quality monitoring can be wonderful. It does improve performance, add value to job titles and empower those who are granted access to the system; which should be everyone concerned with QM.

I have heard people genuinely tell us they LOVE Scorebuddy and love is a pretty strong emotion. They love the QM tool because it allows them to improve conversions, customer satisfaction and reduce critical failures. A good QM system gives the metric meaning and a place at the boardroom table. Too often form filling and reporting bogs people down but when quality monitoring focuses on analysis and action, rather reporting and form filling, real change occurs.

How you can Maximise the Love and Minimise the Hate

Address the Issues, Not the Haters

Listen to those who love a good moan about QM and address their concerns; number one is to find out whether their concerns are founded. If they are right you need to make a change so that the problem doesn’t exist anymore. If their concerns are unfounded you need to communicate better so that the misunderstanding is eliminated.

Give Everybody Access to the Call Centre's Quality Monitoring System

Sometimes people need to see it before they can believe it. Quality monitoring does critique individuals' performances and one of the most natural reactions to critique is often defence or misunderstanding of critique.When everyone has access to the system they can login, review the score or result, listen back to scored interaction too and assess whether they still agree or disagree with the comments. If they do agree they can hit a button to "Accept" and if they don't they can hit a button to "Request a 1-to-1".

The Big Question: will Quality Monitoring ever be Cool?

Google defines cool as: fashionably attractive or impressive. I’m not sure whether I could whole-heartedly agree that quality monitoring will ever fit the bill of being cool but maybe for the Quality Analyst nerd-at-heart quality monitoring always was cool.


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