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Employee engagement has been proven to improve performance, employee churn and our recent white paper identifies links between agent engagement and customer satisfaction.

Watch this 40 second video to pick up 5 quick tips on improving employee engagement in your contact centre here.

Engagement in a call centre can make a significant difference due to labour costs taking up a large proportion of costs and the impact of staff performance on success metrics such as; return on investment, first call resolution, quality scores and average handle time.

Scorebuddy's new module Agent Insight increases employee engagement in a call centre significantly as agents are engaged with their quality scores and can see in real-time how they can improve. Try it today and see the improvements it can make!

With 18% of staff in the US actively disengaged and a further 52% disengaged (Gallup, 2013) it is estimated that it costs the US between $450-550 billion each year in lost productivity. This highlights the potential savings to be gleaned from engaged employees.

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