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Written by Scorebuddy


A customer service scorecard is a device for call centre managers to assess their staff’s performance.

Cumbersome assessment systems of the past may have involved hard to read spreadsheets and poorly updated files stored on one office computer (which was hopefully regularly backed up in a second secure location) and reams of print outs filed in limited office storage space.

Thankfully today’s advancements in technology have made the assessment process easier, more secure and more streamlined than ever before. Using a cloud-based platform, staff assessments can now be conducted using web-hosted technology, a familiar Microsoft interface, and an unlimited amount of available storage space. Files, reports and records can now be easily retrieved, exported and shared.

Staff can receive more effective feedback on their performance and therefore undergo more targeted training. And call centre management can now receive more accurate real-time information on how their staff and their call centre campaigns are performing. Scorebuddy, a UK call centre staff scoring solution, has evolved this technology to create the Scorebuddy score card system.


Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Scorebuddy.

Step One – Take advantage of Scorebuddy’s free 30 day trial to test a small segment to see if the product is suited to your needs. Registration is quick and easy and you can upgrade your account or cancel at any time.

Step Two – When you are ready to sign up, choose from either the basic plan, including 1GB storage for monitoring of 25 staff members, the Scorebuddy Pro plan which includes 5GB storage for up to 100 staff, or the Scorebuddy Enterprise plan with unlimited storage for unlimited staff numbers.

Step Three – Using the Scorebuddy template, build your scorecard using the form builder to create a scorecard with your required categories. Add free-form comment boxes and drop down menu options to make assessment quick and easy.

Once you’ve set up your call centre monitoring system, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your package whenever you require and use and reuse score card templates.
For more information contact Scorebuddy on +44 (0) 203 5140415 or fill out the online enquiry form.


30 Day FREE Trial on All Accounts

30 Day FREE Trial on All Accounts

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£99 Monthly

Core Feature Set
25 Staff
1 GB Storage

Scorebuddy Lite

Scorebuddy Pro

£269 Monthly

Core Feature Set
100 Staff
5 GB storage

Scorebuddy Pro

Scorebuddy Enterprise

£ On Application

Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Storage

Scorebuddy Enterprise

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