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Map Out The Set-Up Phase


Written by Scorebuddy


Selecting quality assessment software is not easy, to help you out here are a list of questions you can ask about the user-friendliness of the product.

1. How easy is it to edit Forms in Quality Assessment Software?

Brand new quality assessment software can lose its dazzle pretty quickly if it's difficult to make small changes. By asking "how easy it is to edit" you can map out the process of updating QA forms. For example if it takes all day to add or edit a new section/questions or if you have to involve IT the process will be dragged out much longer.

2. Can I add New Users to the Quality Assessment Software Myself?

Organizations change everyday and new users will probably be added frequently, a user friendly system will allow you to add new users and edit existing users yourself in a quick and simple way.

3. Do I need Training?

The answer to this question is a key indicator of how easy the product is to use so ensure you pay particular attention to the response.

4. Can everyone in my Organization use the Quality Assessment Software?

"Unless it works for everyone, it doesn't work at all". Unfortunately many quality assessment software providers don't abide by the philosophy of being user friendly and user appropriate to all roles within an organization. There are many call centre QA stakeholders so ensure the tool you select is useful for the day-to-day users as well as senior managers, coaches and for BPO's even clients!

5. How much Time will it take my IT team to set-up?

Before you choose a quality assessment software, you should map out the set-up phase which includes scheduling time with your IT team. If it's a cloud based tool its likely that the process will be quicker.

Want to know what pricing questions you should be asking when selecting quality assessment software? Click here. We also have a blog listing 14 questions about quality assessment product features.

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