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Big contact centres throughout the UK have been benefitting from the use of new call centre performance management tools and techniques.

From management and financial services sectors to a variety of contact centres, call centre performance is becoming more streamlined, productive and results oriented.

Traditional management procedures for monitoring the quality of call centre customer service relied on time consuming assessment methods, inconsistent assessment criteria and insufficient assessment training. The results of call quality monitoring could vary widely from one assessor to the next and methods for analysis and reporting were cumbersome and failed to provide a clear and instant snapshot of call centre performance.

So what’s driving the shift to this new era of greater call centre performance management?

New technologies are now available on the market for UK contact centres which provide an easy, intuitive and flexible method for assessing call centre performance, keeping track of call campaign targets and providing a simple yet highly detailed tool for tracking results and providing a method for simple data analysis and reporting.
Scorebuddy is providing the UK with this leading new technology.

The Scorebuddy score card system uses a cloud-based platform with a familiar Microsoft interface to score agents’ customer service and productivity levels. Rather than using a rigid and unwieldy proprietary system or spreadsheet documents, the score card is accessed via a web portal, allowing the user to simply log on and monitor and assess performance using a specially pre-designed form builder.

Scorebuddy have provided some leading UK contact centres with an effective solution for monitoring agent performance.

- A financial services sector used Scorebuddy to collect and analyse qualitative information on agent performance. The score card system helped them to increase quality monitoring compliance levels and improved agent performance.
- A managed services company used Scorebuddy to systemise and improve the quality monitoring process and eliminate the use of spreadsheets. The outcome was better visibility of quality performance and improved understanding of client expectations.

Read the detailed case studies of how Scorebuddy helped improve call centre performance management for these UK industries.

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