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In many areas quality monitoring and reporting systems are essential to businesses in Ireland and the UK that are expanding in size. With higher staff numbers and new clients it can be difficult to monitor and manage employees and customer service effectively.

This is particularly the case in online customer service, call centres, and translation and dictation services. Quality monitoring systems like Scorebuddy can offer huge benefits when it comes to call monitoring and employee monitoring and overall quality performance, whatever the industry.

There are several reasons to use a quality monitoring and reporting system like Scorebuddy:

1. Better Visibility of Quality Performance:

Scorebuddy is a cloud-based system which makes it easier to share and collaborate as some of our clients have found out . Quality monitoring tools should always aim to facilitate the ‘monitoring’ of their staff and systems, and with Scorebuddy that is exactly the case.

2. Replace Spreadsheets:

As your company grows the use of traditional spreadsheets and other documents just stops being helpful and becomes a hindrance. Spreadsheets can become more cumbersome as you take on more staff and clients. Scorebuddy’s interface is user friendly and can be integrated with other tools. Not only that, but our Reporting Module helps you to identify trends and training gaps that could not be analysed efficiently with a spreadsheet.

3. Customizable Scorecards:

Possibly the greatest feature of the Scorebuddy quality monitoring system is its scorecard software. Scorebuddy allows you to design and personalize multiple scorecards for whatever purpose. Whether you are scoring employees, calls, emails or web conversations, it is important that you have a scorecard that is customizable to meet your needs and relevant to your company.

4. Cost Effective:

Commitment to new software can be difficult, especially if it is to eventually become the bedrock to your quality monitoring process. Having a free testimonial period helps to understand the system and judge whether it offers enough to satisfy your needs. The 30 day free trial from Scorebuddy is open to all new users, and beyond that trial the Scorebuddy system is pay as you use. See our pricing page for all options available.

5. Time Saving:

As some of our clients have discovered, the Scorebuddy monitoring and reporting tool is quick to implement. Not only that but the ability to create multiple scorecards will benefit you in the long-term. This is clearer when you see how multiple scorecards over time reduce the time per score, and increase accuracy. This frees you up to focus on other areas of your company.

6. Better Return:

A better return on investment can be achieved due to the free time from utilizing multiple scorecards that are personal to your business.

7. Increase Customer Satisfaction:

Having the right tool to frequently monitor customer service can improve customer satisfaction. Scorebuddy allows you to provide agents with personal feedback and engage with them frequently. Our agent monitoring tool makes the handling of complaints easier on you and strengthens your relationship with agents.

8. Improve Performance of Agents:

Having agent scorecards gives you the tools to monitor the quality of the agents and develop solutions to improve agent performance.

9. Easy To Export & Integrate Data:

With Scorebuddy you can export data to Excel and download entire client data for detailed analysis. Scorebuddy also helps you to integrate your own business intelligence platform for effective data integration.

10. Flexibility:

Add text and video of your choice for better engagement.

If you are interested in using the Scorebuddy web-based quality management system we encourage you to try our 30 Day Free Trial which you can access by clicking the link below. Or if you want to talk with us directly please contact us via phone +44 (0) 203 5140415  or email us at info@scorebuddy.co.uk.


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