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Written by Scorebuddy


Call centre customer service can be difficult to monitor successfully yet it is so important to your business. Customers need to feel valued at every stage of their interactions with an organisation.

For instance, a customer may be happy with the product or service they are receiving from a particular company but after just one bad experience with that organisation’s contact centre they can quickly become dissatisfied. 

Bad customer service is quite simply bad for business. Careful assessment of call quality is the only way to ensure your call centre is providing quality customer service.
Scorebuddy provide a call centre customer service solution with their cloud-based score card system.

Scorebuddy’s call centre monitoring system allows you to listen and evaluate calls while simultaneously completing call assessments using the scorecard evaluation tool. The Scorebuddy score card speeds up and simplifies the call assessment procedure.

Call centre managers can tailor score cards to suit the individual needs of a call campaign, adding in their own assessment hot points and related questions. During the assessment comments and recommendations can be entered into free form or drop down boxes. Post-assessment, managers can easily share call centre performance data with the management team and provide valuable feedback to individual call centre operatives.

By utilizing this highly productive and time-saving staff scoring system, call centres can improve the overall productivity of their business.
Best of all the Scorebuddy call centre monitoring system will help improve the overall customer service levels of your business. Improved service means happier customers and more business opportunities.

The key features of the Scorebuddy call centre scoring system include:

• Scorecard Designer – Create scorecards based on your own criteria and campaign needs.
• Score Employees – Evaluate as you monitor calls and get instant results.
• Reporting and Reviewing – View scores, review results, provide recommendations and share data.
• Data exporting and integration – archive previous assessments, export results to Excel and import scorecard data to your SalesforceCRM tool.

To learn more about improving your call centre customer service visit our website and view the full features of the Scorebuddy system. 

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