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Call centre monitoring is a crucial role within UK contact centres. The person in charge of call quality monitoring is responsible for assessing customer service and staff productivity levels as well as identifying areas for better communication and customer interaction.

There are many techniques that can be employed to enhance the call monitoring process. Here are just a few tips to help get you started.

1. Don’t let the small things slip. Little errors or slipping standards have a way of creeping in to an agent’s performance from time to time. These little mistakes can become habit forming and have a tendency to spread amongst the rest of the call centre team. Use your call quality monitoring time to correct even the most minor errors and you will prevent quality standards from slowly but surely declining.

2. Make call monitoring a positive experience for your staff. Make monitoring a collaborative experience with your agents. Allow them to see the exact details of your review, listen back to their own calls and compare their results with previous assessments. Reward improvements and be supportive where problems lie, advising further training to bring the agent back up to speed.

3. Use a fair and objective assessment criteria. Ensure the system you use for staff scoring has been pre-approved and not is not some arbitrary and inconsistent method of appraisal. Conduct one-to-one feedback with agents and allow agents to give their own feedback and suggestions. As the agents learn from their reviews so should the reviewer, and the results can be used to continually improve the assessment process.

4. Use a quality staff scoring system. Rather than relying on cumbersome and inefficient spreadsheets, documents and inflexible proprietary systems to record your assessments, opt for a highly productive cloud-based score card system that allows you to quickly and simply complete assessment forms, track and analyse data at a glance, and share results with your team.

Scorebuddy provides UK contact centres with sophisticated but easy-to-use call centre monitoring software to score agent-customer interactions. Email info@scorebuddy.co.uk for more information or use the form below to subscribe to our sofware.

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