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Managers in all kinds of businesses would love to be able to record the information that tells them how their staff are performing. For some businesses this is not an easy task. The nature of call centres makes the task of performance data collection relatively easy.

Whether for sales, support or surveys all call data can easily be recorded and fed back into a call quality monitoring software system. For this reason call centre call recording is common in most call centre businesses. Call centre call recording affords business owners and managers a huge range of options and flexibility in terms of improving performance and efficiency in their business. Detailed information is gathered on the employee call performance and call quality which is fed back into a central database.


More and more of these data bases are held in cloud storage. The advantage of cloud based data storage for call centre performance management is that companies that may have several locations across an area, country or even internationally can easily access and compare all the data from each of their sites. It also makes data storage safer; meaning that if local storage centres fail all information remains backed up in the cloud.

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Once the data is collected some system has to be applied to transform it from a raw bank of data in to meaningful comprehensible information. Powerful analytics software is used to take the raw data and extract significant trends, behaviours and comparisons. A graph or chart conveys pertinent information far more clearly than a spreadsheet filled with figures. But analytics provides much more useful resources than simply presenting information in graph and chart form. The ability to drill down into the data to discover more nuanced differences in employee behaviour and productivity can provide managers and business owners with greater insight into how to improve the effectiveness of their business.

This improved focus on specifics means that managers can determine exactly what areas need to be targeted, what training measures need to be made, and where in order to improve performance. Instead of having regular training programs for all staff, training resources can be spent much more efficiently.

Cost effectiveness of call centre call recording systems can be further improved through varying degrees of modularity. For very streamlined businesses that may not need all of the potential applications that come with such software the option to remove such modules or not take them on in the first place can generate significant savings. It is not just in terms of the initial outlay for the performance monitoring software that savings are made but also in terms of staffing resources needed to manage and operate it. In the same vein the ease of use of the system is an important factor in the cost benefit analysis of deploying and adopting such a system. A user interface that is immediately familiar to staff and intuitive to navigate results in minimal training costs and minimal delays in employing the system. The length of time a system takes to be installed is a further factor that contributes to the cost effectiveness of call centre call recording software.


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