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A call monitoring scorecard bridges the gap in understanding between call centre supervisors and call centre agents.

The targets and campaign objectives of a contact centre and the clients they represent can often be vastly different from what’s happening at the ‘coal face’. Interactions between call centre agents and customers need to be sufficiently monitored to ensure what goes on during a call is inline with the values, goals and targets of the company.

Sometimes this understanding can be hard to achieve because of ineffective call monitoring techniques. Traditional call assessment tools often relied on sporadic call listening and cumbersome reporting documents. Assessment criteria could be unreliable and, at times, irrelavant to specific campaign objectives, and would also rely heavily on call supervisors’ own personal judgements. Feedback to call staff could also be unreliable and hard to quantify.

 Call centres need to implement more efficient tools and reporting systems to meet the demands of their clients and ensure their staff are all maintaining their targets and providing quality customer service at all times.

Call assessment scorecards provide this solution. They allow supervisors to give accurate and detailed assessments while also giving agents real insight into their performance and what areas need they may need to improve upon.
Scorecards that use advanvced cloud-based technology have been developed that make staff scoring intuitive, quick and accurate.

How does a call monitoring scorecard work?

Supervisors simply log into their scorecard from any web-based platform, design an assessment sheet from a pre-existing template based on the needs of the individual call campaign (including adding drop down menu boxes, auto-complete boxes, free form comments and questions and any other criteria they require) and simply click on the appropriate boxes as they listen in to the call.

As the assessment continues the form automatically builds and allows the supervisor to instantly see whether the agent has passed or failed based on the campaign criteria. After the assessment is complete the supervisor can provide highly detailed feedback to the agent with specific examples of where they met, or failed to meet, campaign objectives.

They can then file, share and review the assessment; attaching supporting documentation like audio files, notes and emails as appropriate.

What kinds of criteria do call centre supervisors assess with a score card?

Call centre agents have a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that they need to achieve. KPIs are set according to the general requirements of the call centre and also on the individual needs of the call campaign.
Performance metrics include call reaction, waiting and conclusion times, call resolution, customer service and call follow up procedures.

Benefits of using a call monitoring score card

• More efficient call analysis
• Reduced performance review time
• Streamlined reporting and reviewing tools
• Increased scoring accuracy with more reliable results

The score card system is revolutionising the way supervisors review agent performance. This new technology allows team leaders to ensure staff are providing quality customer service, are achieving campaign targets and receiving sufficient training. Call monitoring score cards are the future of UK contact centres.

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