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Staff call centre monitoring is an important part of UK contact centre management. Call centres need to be actively involved in listening and evaluating their agent's performance to ensure that quality customer service is always maintained and campaign targets are reached.

Steps for call centre monitoring include:

  • Listening – supervisors need to regularly listen in to calls and assess performance. This should be done at sporadic intervals so staff are encouraged to maintain professional call quality at all times.
  • Reviewing – supervisors need to share feedback with agents so they can learn and improve their overall performance. Assessments should be detailed and give specific examples of where the agent has done well and where they need to improve.
  • Reporting – supervisors need to keep detailed records of their assessments so they can compare the agent's performance over time and share relevant findings with management.

These three basic steps make up the foundation of successful call centre monitoring. There are many resources and tools that can be used to complete these steps. Thanks to advancements in technology, many UK contact centres now have access to sophisticated assessment tools. Monitoring tools using cloud platforms represent the latest leap in this technology.

Supervisors can now simply log on to a web portal where they can access everything they need to listen, review and score staff based on their own pre-determined criteria. Managers can create campaign briefs, enter notes and client data, score agent performance and share their reports within their team for review.

This system allows call centres to streamline their call monitoring and reporting processes, allowing them to spend time and resources on more productive activities like staff training and achieving client targets.

Scorebuddy Call Centre Monitoring Software

Scorebuddy is a hosted staff monitoring tool which allows call centre managers to supervise, monitor and analyse their staff performance with easy-to-use quality assessment software.

The Score Card tool replaces cumbersome and time consuming spreadsheets, documents and reporting processes with a streamlined cloud based solution. Try Scorebuddy's free 30 day trial of staff call centre monitoring software for your UK call centre. Please see our packages below.

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