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Written by Scorebuddy



Scorebuddy's new module; Agent Insight now has internal mail!

Scorebuddy has designed a new internal messaging platform on the Agent Insight module so that agents and supervisors can message one another from within scorebuddy.

In many contact centre's customer service representatives use a generic company email such as support@example.com, or are not issued with an company email address at all.


Agent Insight gives agents their own dashboard showing their last 10 scores with the interactions attached. This means that agents have near real-time feedback on their performance and can adapt their behaviour constantly, they don't need to wait until their end of month review to see how they are performing. Agent Insight engages agents with their quality scores and promotes positive behaviour changes.

The internal messaging platform was developed to enhance the engagement process, it's a way for supervisors to have light touch communication with their team members. Some scorebuddies use it to send out daily inspirational quotes, notify teams they are on target, or add personal messages related to scores for example; "Yvonne, I just scored one of your Inbound calls from this morning - great call! Keep up the good work, coffee at 12:30pm? :)".

Agents have the ability to message their superiors only, supervisors can message the agents they are in charge of, fellow supervisors and team leaders.

Contact us today to get a free 30 day trial of Scorebuddy's Agent Insight which includes the internal mail.


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