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For any call centre, call centre monitoring is an important part of ensuring continued success and ongoing improvements to the quality of the service provided.

Continual evaluation of staff performance requires a comprehensive and straightforward system of monitoring. Specialist software designed specifically for call centre monitoring provides the most effective monitoring system. Scorebuddy call centre monitoring software not only collects a wide and comprehensive range of data it also provides a suite of professional, proficient tools with which to analyse and effectively use that data. Combining this with an innovative scoring system makes Scorebuddy an incredibly powerful call centre performance monitoring instrument.


Often performance recording systems provide data without context and without an effective means for employees and management to act effectively on that information. This can often lead to frustration for employees who are expected to improve performance without clear guidance as to how it should be done.

With the addition of Scorebuddy's innovative scoring system staff can better engage with this process. By establishing clear and structured rules employees can challenge themselves to improve their score while always understanding why and how their score has changed.

To meet the particular organisation of different companies, scorecards can be adapted with the scorecard designer application. The customisation of scorecards is made simple and intuitive with a drag and drop system. Customisation also allows for emphasis to be given to specific steps and targets to be set.

Another immensely useful Scorebuddy feature is the Agent Dashboard. It provides employees with a comprehensive overview and detailed access to their own scorecards and data drill downs from their desktop. This means that they can quickly access critical information continually as they work, directing themselves towards greater performance results. The net effect is to reduce the amount of time it takes for improvements in performance to be made. By displaying the same data for groups agents can determine how successful their teamwork is and where they can focus their energies to improve it.

Modular expansions mean that Scorebuddy call centre monitoring software can grow in time with a business. Additional applications can be added on as and when they are needed.


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