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Written by Scorebuddy


Track contact centre compliance with ScorebuddyScorebuddy are launching a new Compliance Component to meet increasing compliance demands by contact centres.

Compliance has come into spotlight for contact centres in 2014 more than ever before. The FCA takeover on the 1st of April this year has had a significant impact on any businesses relating to consumer credit.

However it wasn’t the only industry to receive attention for compliance this year as Ofgem came down particularly hard on the “big six” energy firms in the UK.

More contact centres have a need to track compliance breaches separately to regular quality monitoring. Scorebuddy’s Compliance Component allows users to track the compliance error rate and the reasons for compliance breaches. The new feature makes it easy for Customer Service Managers to quickly spot repeat offences and common reasons.

The Compliance Component is being launched at Scorebuddy’s Stand F60 at the Customer Contact Expo at 11am on Thursday 2st of October 2014.

“Compliance management is different to general quality scoring and needs to be treated differently, but it still comes under the remit of Quality Managers. We’re addressing this need to manage compliance errors while treating it another way. Scorebuddy’s Compliance Component is simple by design but absolutely critical to quality departments.” – Dick Bourke, Director, Scorebuddy.

The Compliance Component is a part of Scorebuddy’s Core Features and therefore comes at no additional charge and is part of Scorebuddy’s 30-day free trial.

Scorebuddy Compliance Component for tracking contact centre compliance

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