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Written by Scorebuddy


The Call Centre & Customer Services Summit got off to a flying start on Monday morning as call centre and customer service professionals from all over the UK and further afield joined together to kick off the summit. The Summit took place in the Radisson Blu Hotel in London Stansted Airport with over 35 vendors in attendance and over 80 delegates. The biannual conference has been running for over 3 years now and Scorebuddy were delighted to take part in this year's event.


The Art of Motivation Kicked off the Call Centre & Customer Service SummitCall Centre & Customer Service Summit in April 2015.

The summit began with a presentation from William Montgomery of AskTen on The Art of Motivation. William is a leadership consultant and has earned a reputation as a powerful catalyst for performance. William discussed how less than 1% of adults have clearly stated goals for the year ahead - yet those who do earn as much as ten times more than those who don't.


Why Customer Service Matters by The Institute of Customer Service

Next up was The Institute of Customer Service's Ben Griffiths who presented on Why Customer Service Matters. Ben works with national and multinational organisations to encourage the recognition that customer service excellence contributes largely to the success of their business. The Institute of Customer Service is a not-for-profit organisation that is the recognised professional body for customer service. Ben gave a great overview customer service in UK and he identified what a world calass customer service model looks like. He also delved into future changes and needs and lessons learned from getting it right.


Vendors and Delegates Busy with Meetings and Networking

From mid morning until late afternoon the summit buzzed as vendors and delegates had face-to-face meetings and netwroked over a buffet lunch. There were two more speakers on Monday; Martin Snookes from InMoment and Chris Cole of Open Market.


Omnichannel and Mobile among the Topics Discussed

Market Snookes presented on Omnichannel: Embracing the New Paradign to Achieve Better Customer Experience and Positive Business Results, Martin has expertise in real time onmichannel VoC programmes across a number of sectors. Chris Cole is an expert in helping clients get the most out of OpenMarket's Mobile Engagement Platform to improve customer experience and ultimately transform their businesses. His presentation on Customer Service in a Mobile First World went through how mobile has changed our lives, how other organisations utilise mobile engagement, how consumers behave and what organisation can implement.

Monday at the Call Centre & Customer Service was polished off with a fantastic Gala Dinner followed by a Bond themed casino night which was enjoyed by all!


Hashtag Scandals and Facebook Hate Groups and how to Leverage them to your Advantage

Real Results' founder and expert coach Carolyn Blunt kicked off the second day of the summit with her presentation on Hashtag Scandals and Facebook Hate Groups - What Social Can do to your Brand. Carolyn outlined how a hashtag scandal can start and what you can do about it, Twitstorm do's and dont's, why a Facebook hategroup can be a good thing and what you learn from big brand social faux pas. Carolyn's presentation was followed by face-to-face client meetings before the closing presentation.


Closing out the Call Centre & Customer Service Summit on the Science of Happiness

William Montgomery again took to the podium to close the summit, this time William gave a speech on The Surprising Science of Happiness. As an advisor to the UK Government on national wellbeing William is well versed on the subject and talked about scales that are used to measure of happiness, factors that effect happiness and advised on how to create a happy workplace.

Overall the Call Centre & Customer Services Summit was a very enjoyable and energetic event one which we hope to attend again in the future.

Scorebuddy attended the Call Centre & Customer Service Summit 2015.

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