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Written by Scorebuddy


Client Requirement

Ryanair is the 7th largest airline globally in terms of passenger numbers Ryanair prides itself in delivering cheap flights that arrive on time. Ryanair are fully committed to improving their customer experience throughout their business and customer service needed to be at the forefront.

They required a tool to replace their manual reporting through excel of customer service monitoring of webmail responses which was managed in-house by a small team of under 10 people.  They were previously printing out reports every month. They implemented Scorebuddy to monitor customer service quality and consistency of email correspondence initially.


As Ryanair used Scorebuddy their monitoring of customer service greatly improved and as they saw the value it provided in-house they decided to roll out Scorebuddy to their outsourced contact centre offshore.  The system was highly successful and is completely self-sufficient in the contact centre with up to 80 staff using it.  Previously the contact centre was also using a manual process of spreadsheets and Scorebuddy has made a massive difference saving them time and effort.

Scorebuddy is faster and more flexible, I put in a date range and the information is all right in front of me instantly, it’s much easier than filtering through excel which is too time consuming too. Using Scorebuddy has meant that our quality monitoring is more automated.” Clodagh Rochford, Ryanair


Ryanair have an outsourced contact centre with complete transparency on quality monitoring of calls, the exact same system for internal webmail response. Ryanair have a full view of their quality monitoring activity overtime “Having a log of all the customer service monitoring activity is very useful”. The product has been easy to use with a sense that; "Once you use it once, you know how to use it, it’s very easy." – Clodagh Rochford, Ryanair.

“I haven’t had to use the support team that much, when I did they responded quickly. If I do ever have any questions I generally use the help function and I find it is very useful, we usually get all the information we need from there. Scorebuddy has had a much wider impact than we initially thought it would have and the call centre have had great use for it.” – Lorraine Rothwell, Ryanair


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