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BT identified webchat as becoming the most popular channel for future contact centres in their report; SuperAgent 2020: The Evolution of the Contact Centre. With live chat increasing in prominence as a customer service channel monitoring webchat performance is crucial to stay ahead.

Scorebuddy’s quality assurance tool can be used to monitor webchat in the same way as it’s used to monitor phone and other channels; easily. Using Scorebuddy will reduce any customer service manager’s task load and save them time.

Here are the three steps to monitoring webchat with Scorebuddy.

  1. Design and build QA scorecards; these can either be specifically for webchat or the same as you use for monitoring other channels. Many companies will have different scorecards for different types of queries per channel, e.g. outbound v inbound, sales v complaint, etc.
  2. Read through webchat and score the quality of the interaction adding comments where necessary and a summary comment at the end.
  3. Attach the webchat to the score.

The rest is done automatically; storage in reports, score given to agent. Although face-to-face feedback cannot be given through Scorebuddy the ability to add comments, give kudos points, have fail all sections and message internally means that digital feedback is prominent reducing review times.

Comparing Webchat Performance with other Channels

It’s imperative to know which channels you are excelling at and which need more attention. When training is being prepared knowing the specific areas that need to be addressed vastly improves the results that can be gleaned from training.

Here’s ways you can use Scorebuddy to compare channel performance;

  • Event Types; in an omni-channel environment where customer’s expect a seamless experience when they bounce from channel to another (Gartner, 2014) it makes sense to have one scorecard for various channels. In this instance the scores can be categorised into events and sub events for the various channels. Reporting by event type and comparing event scores is useful to spot channel trends.
  • Alternatively different Scorecards can be used for channels and these can also be compared against in reports.

Need some advice on your webchat offering? Read our blogs; The What, Why and How of Live Chat or The When and Where of Live Chat and How to Improve it.

For more information of monitoring webchat with Scorebuddy take a free 30 day trial and receive expert advice on quality scorecard design for free as part of the trial.

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