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Written by Scorebuddy


Quality Analysts should never have to pour over scorecards for hours on end while playing, pausing and rewinding recorded calls. Quality analysts should be able to monitor call recordings without pulling out their hair. Well-designed call centre software used for monitoring customer service should make scoring the quality of customer interactions easy. However even the best designed quality monitoring software needs to be assisted with active listening.

Listen to the Call Recording…. Actually Listen!

Skipping through recordings listening for keywords won’t work, it isn’t search engine optimization! This is one of the main negative points associated with speech analytics. Half-listening isn’t good enough, it’s difficult to form an accurate opinion on a call if you aren’t listening properly. Having an overall sense of how a call was handled should directly impact your feedback, if two or three hiccups occurred in areas that were not of high priority but the rest of the call was great the mistakes shouldn’t overshadow.

Listening requires… Concentration

Listening to calls all day long may become tedious so if you have the opportunity to spread them out during the week then do this rather than one bulk… why? Your mood might be quite different when you score the first call compared to if you have scored 20 in a row, this is likely to impact the scores be handed out. Being focused and concentrated will improve abilities to critically assess which will give a fairer score.

Are you Listening to the ‘Listeners’?

It’s important to carry out quality checks on your quality team, this not only ensures that your contact centre is maintaining a high standard but it also promotes an environment of transparency.

A good QM system will use a consistent scoring pattern carried out by all users.

What’s the best way to monitor quality analysts?

Calibrate scores marked by other people to check consistency and accuracy of calls to determine whether your analysts are listening to the interactions properly. Through calibration you can compare the scores and quickly find out if they are doing a reasonable jobs.


Quick Listening Tips for Quality Analysts:

  • Take regular breaks to keep up alertness
  • Stagger tasks: simple, difficult
  • Stop talking
  • Take good notes
  • Reward yourself e.g. give yourself a latte after x number of calls
  • Have a something in your hand e.g. a squeezy ball
  • Be curious and not defensive
  • Withhold judgment until you have listened fully
  • Change it up e.g. stretch, take a moment to give yourself a brief break

Is your quality assurance system allowing you to listen closely? Contact us to day to find out!

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