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Keeping track of and evaluating the success and quality of call centre processes can potentially be a difficult, cumbersome and time consuming task.

If not handled effectively the time and effort involved can potentially negate the benefits of having such a system in the first place. With call management software implementing a process scorecard style recording and evaluation system, that task can be made far more efficient providing the best value return on the time and resources invested.

Scorebuddy call centre management software incorporates a process scorecard system for keeping track of process performance and quality. This provides supervisors with all the data they need in a clear and concise format. With process performance data at hand supervisors can make decisions about changes to staff and advise agents on performance improvements that can be made. The data can be analysed closely through drill down menus giving supervisors confidence that decisions are made on accurate data. The same analytics suite can arrange data in chart and graph form to compare specific data sets and demonstrate precisely where changes and improvements can be made.

Information collated in process scorecards can be compiled to show business-wide data highlighting trends across the call centre process. These can give guidance to supervisors on areas where supplemental training would be beneficial to all staff, making most effective use of resources deployed to training.

Scorebuddy also implements a comprehensive scoring system that engages with staff, providing them with ongoing challenges and goals to meet. By providing a clear and coherent scoring system staff can see what level their performance is at, how much they need to improve and in what exact areas they need to improve. Scorebuddy’s desktop agent allows supervisors to set goals for agents and attach call recordings and communications logs to set out explicit areas and techniques for improvement.

Scorebuddy can easily integrate with other process scoring systems. Key Point Indicators can be exported to a wide number of different business analysis platforms. Scorebuddy also provides a high degree of security. Provisions such as IP address restrictions are standard and client files are all stored on individual databases.

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