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The effective employment of call centre customer services monitoring produces significant benefits to the quality of service and the efficiency of the business.

For this reason, monitoring customer services is an important aspect of any call centre operation. When managers can accurately record data regarding the quality of customer services they are put in a strong position from which they can effectively evaluate employee performance. Employees can then be presented with clear indicators of their performance status and what measures can be taken to improve.


Monitoring customer services manually, with information gathered on disparate spreadsheets and in personnel files can consume a lot of management resources. Collecting data automatically in a central database or in the cloud frees up a significant portion of management time which can be better spent on implementing service quality solutions.

Automatic and centralized storage also allows the data to be more easily collated and analysed with powerful analytics tools. These make monitoring customer services far more efficient as a detailed overview of a business' performance data can be presented in a number of different ways. Analysing data by different dimensions, by team, group, or department can highlight the exact point of particular performance failures or it can show where improvements have already occurred naturally. These improvements can then be replicated through the rest of the employee base.

Some of the management resources saved through automatic data collection and presentation of solutions in analytics can be spent using the deep drilling functionality of the analytics suite. Drilling down into analytics data can pinpoint very specific information and highlight subtle nuances in employee performance and behaviour. This can provide managers with highly effective means of focusing resources to improve the quality of customer services.

Scorebuddy call centre monitoring software has all of these features and more. Along with a powerful analytics suite to compile and display data informatively it incorporates an engaging scoring system. Instead of giving employees intermittent evaluations and nonspecific goals to reach, both of which can produce high levels of employee frustration, Scorebuddy delivers a continuous scoring system that gives employees control over their own performance improvement


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