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When is Customer Service the Differentiator?

Differentiating with Customer Service

Written by Scorebuddy


Last week in a poll Scorebuddy asked; is customer service still a differentiator? With 6 possible responses the results so far have clearly seen a front runner with "Definitely, excellent customer service always stands out" taking approximately 90% of the votes. Do you agree?

We will leave the poll running until the end of June and post the results here too.

Customer service is definitely a topic that is never too far away from the boardroom table but where in the eye of the consumer does customer service differentiation lie?

When is Customer Service is Differentiator?

  1. When a customer complains.
  2. When people choosing between competitors.
  3. When there is an increase in price.
  4. When there is uncertainty within the market.
  5. When they are signing a new contract.
  6. When it is something important and they want to reduce risk.
  7. When they are accountable (business decision).
  8. When the product/service is complex.
  9. When the product/service is new.
  10. When a customer first interacts with customer service.
  11. Anytime they interact with customer service.
  12. When they hear from WOM or eWOM about the customer service.

Are there more “whens” customer service is still a differentiator? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and share when customer service has been a differentiator for you.


Here’s when customer service was a differentiator for me;

When I was considering to buy a laptop I chose the particular store because their offer included all software, anti-virus and insurance in the one-off payment with the promise that if anything happened I could bring it in and they would fix it overnight with no additional charges, it was also a walk in service so booking of an appointment wasn’t required. This left me reassured that if anything went wrong I wouldn’t have to worry about it, they would fix my problem quickly.

Subsequently over 4 years I brought the machine in from time to time when anything was acting up, they dealt with my queries efficiently and I always left satisfied and pleased that I didn’t have to give it a second thought. They gave expert advice and when the computer finally packed in I didn’t consider going elsewhere for a new one. The store prices are more expensive than the average laptop store but I felt I gained massive value from the customer service offering and got great value for money. Their excellent customer service gave me peace of mind and reassurance when I needed it and that counted for a lot.

We would love to hear our your customer service experiences so get following!

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