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Are You Monitoring Social Customer Service?

Social Customer Service

Written by Scorebuddy


Monitoring the quality of social customer service from day-to-day is relatively easy, but how do you get to that point? There are a number of ways to ease yourself comfortably into delivering social customer service and here’s how we recommend you start (don’t worry if you’re already doing social customer service, jump in on the relevant steps!) and continue to monitor.

Start Social Listening

Social listening or social media monitoring is defined as the act of using a tool to monitor what is being said on the internet by Brandwatch (2013) and it covers more than just social media. Monitoring tools work by crawling sites continuously and indexing them, the user of the tool inputs a query they are interested in being notified about; these may include the brand name, top industry search terms and keywords and they are provided with content that contains these terms.

Social listening couldn’t be more important especially for mass consumer facing businesses that need to deliver a high amount of customer service. Listening to conversations online is a great way of carrying out market research to understand what’s causing the conversations and what’s fuelling them. These are conversations you will be joining when you start delivering social customer service, it’s worth taking a look at what you’re getting yourself in for!

Determine Whether you Require Social Customer Service

Not all companies need social customer service, if it won’t add value why bother with the time-consuming exercise? Social listening will help you greatly in making your decision, all you have to do is evaluate all you have learned from listening and have the courage to make the right decision.

Carry out Training/Guidelines

Your customer service representatives can’t be expected to deliver seamless social customer service simply because they are experienced reps, if they are being transitioned from another channel the difference can be stark. Putting together a set guidelines to follow is essential for helping your agents as well as robust training programme.

TOP TIP: Include sample responses: Good, bad and excellent (Bonus: brainstorm from your team for these samples!)


Outline Tone of Voice Documents per Social Network

Tone of voice documents are one of the most important tools your social agents will have. Each social network will have varying characteristics that require different treatment yet each channel’s communications should be reflective of the brand. Maintaining a consistent tone within social networks can make or break the delivery.


Set up Quality Monitoring Scorecards

Planning how you will monitor your customer service as it delivered is very important for measuring tactical goals. The quality scorecards should contain all elements that are necessary for excellent social customer service delivery.  This is where you can include items such as adherence to guidelines/tone of voice documents and monitor whether training was effective.

Begin Delivering Social Customer Service and Over-Monitoring

From the moment you begin to deliver social customer service it needs to be monitored. A new channel should be closely monitored at the introduction stage, for social media this is crucial because interactions are mainly public and consumer facing, any mistakes would be instantly visible to the public.

Review & Adapt Guidelines and Goals

To deliver the best possible social customer service the activity and scores over time should be analysed to find trends; emerging gaps, opportunity, high performers, etc. After reviewing the data appropriate changes should be applied to guidelines, tone of voice documents, scorecards and goals.

Maintain Monitoring the Quality of Interactions

Monitoring is not something to be picked up and dropped whenever there’s time or a need. Monitoring needs to be consistent with the overall goal of improving performance levels and thus the customer experience.  Evaluating the evaluators is important to maintain high standards and transparency.


Continue Listening

Listening in another constant exercise required to maintain a high level of social customer service. Social media changes rapidly and being informed of trends and new ways of delivering value will give you an edge over your competitors as well as impressing your customers.


Start monitoring your social customer service today with Scorebuddy. You can also compare it to your other customer service channels! Take a free 30-day trial and get monitoring.

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