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Written by Scorebuddy


Scoring software systems are fast becoming the most effective way of monitoring customer service within UK call centres.

Rather than relying on traditional methods of staff monitoring and reporting - which can be unreliable and difficult to manage – scoring systems provide a fairer and more accountable method of staff customer service assessment. Scoring software works by enabling team leaders and supervisors to log in to a secure system to monitor and record calls while quickly and accurately completing a score sheet designed especially for that purpose. Instant data provides real time assessment results, allowing the supervisor to instantly recognize where staff may be underperforming. That data can then be reviewed and shared with the employee and analytics stored on the system for further review and reporting.

This method of managing customer service saves time and resources otherwise spent preparing spreadsheets and feedback documents and provides a more instant and true reflection on customer service levels. Scoring templates can be saved and modified for future use, meaning each individual project can have its own modules added to make it as relevant and user-friendly as possible.

Scorebuddy provides a simple staff customer service scoring system for UK businesses.

Scorebuddy's score card software system provides accurate scoring and detailed analytics for UK multimedia contact centres. The simple call monitoring software allows the user to build their own score card template. Categories, drop down menus and other auto-form boxes can be added depending on the needs of the campaign. The software also provides administration and reporting functions making it easy to review, record and analyse data.

The Scorebuddy score card system gives staff a more detailed and accurate review of their performance, allowing both employee and manager to instantly identify areas requiring further training.
The upshot is better customer performance, more efficient staff management and a more productive and economical use of time and resources.

Scorebuddy offers new users the chance to trial their technology free for 30 days. If you run a UK call centre or other contact centre and need a more effective way of monitoring customer service in your business, try Scorebuddy today. (LINK)

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