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To protect consumers many industries are becoming more heavily regulated especially financial institutions. This has meant regulation compliance has become a headache for many contact centres as they struggle to get a grasp on how they can not only to implement regulation policy but guarantee compliance as well as a system to deal with compliance breaches.

Nearly two in five senior contact centre managers in the United Kingdom admit that they are not, or they don’t know whether they are compliant with Ofcom regulations (Aspect Software, 2014).

Quality Monitoring Software

Scorebuddy quality monitoring application can ensure that your call centre has a system in place for complying with regulations.  It allows analysts and Team Leaders to score customer service interactions and get a birdseye view of the activity which can have a compliance priority.

Although more than 60% of contact centres must comply with at least one set of industry regulations a recent study showed that only 28% of those surveyed undertake an in-depth review of regulation compliance;

"Almost half of UK contact centres only take a full compliance review less than once a year,” said Dave Ogden, Ofcom regulations expert


Prioritize Compliance in QA form

Every quality scorecard should be broken into sections, have one section dedicated to regulation compliance. Use scorebuddy weighting system so that this section priority is reflected in the quality scores.  If giving feedback to agents ensure they understand the scorecard and weighting system, this will motivate them to focus on getting the highest weighted elements correct 100% of the time.


Quality Assurance Records Compliance Breaches

By utilizing the scorebuddy Fail-All functionality an alarm is raised when there is a compliance breach.  This can be then acted upon immediately as the scorecards are kept online there is a record of the event.


Quality Monitoring Identifies Behavourial Training Gaps

The scorebuddy Analytics module allows users to see trends over time for individual, teams and groups.  This can help identify certain sections that are constantly scoring low and as there is a deep dive analysis call centres can understand root causes of problems.  These discrepancies can be reversed through focused training.

What our Scorebuddies have to say:

"Scorebuddy has increased the level of compliance in terms of quality monitoring in the organisation." - Fexco

"In setting up our new Compliance Monitoring Department, Scorebuddy has been key to shaping our processes. The simplicity of its design means that the whole team have been able to “hit the ground running” in terms of setting up Scorecards and scoring." - The Money Shop


Looking for a system to help you ensure Ofcom compliance? Take a FREE trial of scorebuddy here

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