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Why Should I Categorise QA Scores?


Written by Scorebuddy


Categorising QA scores in your contact centre will give your Head of Ops an instant feed to customer service performance from one product to the next flagging problem areas quickly.

We counted as many as 9 contact centre Quality Assessment purposes including evaluating agent performance, providing information for audit trails and driving customer experience improvements. These functions are all wonderful but in order to extract value from QA scores you need to slice and dice the results. One way of quickly identifying problems in specific products/services is by categorizing QA scores.


Why should I categorise QA scores?

Have you ever had a feeling that something wasn’t working or wasn’t right and but you couldn’t put your finger on it? If something isn’t quite delivering for a business and it affects customers you can bet they will mention it while they are talking to your customer service team. Categorizing scores will enable you to keep your finger on the pulse for all your products, services, promotions, and sub products and services as many stakeholders can then run reports based on product lines or reasons for contacting the business. It’s really useful for Quality Analysts and Managers for comparing categories as they can quickly see trends for high and low performance from one product to the next which can indicate where training or development is required. In Scorebuddy categories are called Event Types.

How can I categorise my Contact Centre QA Scores?

As each customer interaction is scored there are a number of details you input to log the score, these details include: name, supervisors name, time and date, team name, etc. By simply adding one or two categorization fields as details you can start tracking your QA scores by categories and sub categories.

Examples of Categories and Sub-categories

A category might be ‘Product A’ meaning the customer contacted the contact centre about product A, a sub category of Product A might be ‘Billing’. Therefore if you want to know what problems customers are having or how your agents are performing with ‘Product A’ billing you can simply run a report using these filters.

What are Reason Codes/Activity Codes and Call Dispositions?

Reason codes, activity codes and call dispositions are codes used to describe the nature of a customer service call, they are perfect examples of categorising QA scores. Generally they are 4-5 digit numeric code that is logged by the contact centre agent after the call. Scorebuddy facilitates the usage of reason codes, activity codes or call dispostion codes, they can be added into the Event Types fields. You can upload the codes to Scorebuddy in bulk via CSV. Reason codes are generally just used for calls and while most call centres will have an equivanlent for each channel they may be stored in different places and it may be difficult to compare per channel. Scorebuddy's event types are designed for multiple channels and can reported on via channel at a click of a button.

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