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Listen to the calls of staff members


Written by Scorebuddy


Call quality monitoring is essential to maximise the efficiency of your staff. Running an effective call centre is not just about how many staff you have and how many calls they take, it's about how well they deal with each call. The key to a great call centre lies in training each staff member to handle each call as effectively as possible. Not just with the initial training that you provide. You need to monitor them and provide training on an ongoing basis.

Everyone is different and you'll find that different staff members master things differently. Some staff members will master some skills very quickly, but struggle with others. People also change over time. Each and every staff member will show new and different training requirements as time passes. Identifying these training requirements and addressing them is where call quality monitoring comes into play.

Call quality monitoring and scoring systems.

For effective call quality monitoring you will need to listen to the calls of staff members and use a scoring system to rate their performance. You can use the scoring system to keep track of their scores to see how their performance improves, or changes, over time. Sometimes training requirements will be obvious, but often they are not. The only sure way to find them, is to monitor your employees on a regular basis to see how they change overtime. Most employees should perform quite consistently. If they do not, then there could be a problem.

It's not just a question of training. It's also about motivation. You'll often find that even your best employees begin to lose interest or develop bad habits over time. Doing the same thing every day for an extended period can be very hard on people. Effective call quality monitoring will help you to pick up on these issues.

With effective call quality monitoring, you should quickly pick up on someone approaching burn out. Often this can be quite easy to fix. Giving someone a short change of duties can be as good as giving them time off. Just showing your staff that you care can make a huge difference and possibly save you from loosing a valued member of staff.

Call quality monitoring is most effective when combined with a simple staff scoring system. The simple staff scoring system from Scorebuddy is ideal for this.

Bonus Benefits

With Scorebuddy quality monitoring you get the following benefits as a bonus!

  • Analysis, in depth knowledge and improvement of scripts and processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • A quality Audit Trail for review and as a reference for HR in the event of disputes
  • Better understanding of common customer complaints and concerns
  • General troubleshooting

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