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Scorecard Designer 

In house call monitoring software can be inflexible and hard to manage. Use the scorecard builder to replicate the scorecards you currently use or design completely new scorecards. You can also use the Scorebuddy scorecard library to get you started and give you ideas. more...

Agent Self Scoring 

Agent View is a standard feature in Scorebuddy and gives individual staff easy access to their reviewed scorecards and comments from their own browser, you can also enable self scoring for agents. more...


Fine tune the scorecards, using Scorebuddy as a tool for call centre monitoring allows you to collaborate with other monitors to benchmark scores, maintaining consistency across the team, internal or external. more...


Compliance monitoring is an increasing concern for contact centre leaders. The Compliance Component monitors the compliance error rate and the reasons for failure. more...

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Reporting & Reviews 

Walk through scores and comments with staff, listen to calls or review events using Scorebuddy Reporting & Reviewing. Export data to excel for additional analysis or to 3rd party Business Intelligence platforms. more...

Easy Scoring Interface

Team leaders and Evaluators will love the scorecard scoring interface, it speeds up the process allows them to enter quick or detailed comments and highlights any errors. more...

Security Features 

Scorebuddy protects your data, lock down access by IP Address, archive, download or purge data, View activity lists to track changes.



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