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Written by Scorebuddy


Staff performance management is a crucial part of a successful UK contact centre.

Just as contact centre agents are expected to achieve their KPIs and campaign targets while maintaining excellent customer service, managers and supervisors are also expected to achieve their targets. Whether their job is to bring in new clients and keep existing clients happy and on board, or they need to train new staff, improve staff performance or find better, more productive ways of managing operations - management face daily challenges to keep the contact centre operating efficiently.


Part of the challenge for management is finding ways to improve their staff monitoring and reporting. If management can't confidently say they know how their staff are performing then it becomes difficult for them to make crucial managerial decisions – like promoting or demoting staff and setting campaign targets. It also makes it difficult for them to understand why a campaign is either failing or achieving. If they cannot readily access monitoring and reporting tools they can only guess at their performance and hope for the best.
New sophisticated contact centre monitoring software allows managers and supervisors to take greater control over staff assessment and get real insights into the how and why of campaign analytics.

Scorebuddy's staff performance management tool

Scorebuddy – a simple staff scoring tool - provides a score card system which utilises cloud call monitoring software. This web-based hosted solution offers supervisors accurate and detailed staff scoring tools, intuitive and easy-to-use software and reporting tools, and can be used across any customer service department – from call centres to email, social media and website contact centres, and accounts and customer complaints departments.
There are many benefits to using Scorebuddy's Score Card performance management tool.

This hi-tech staff assessment tool will help improve your contact centre management processes by helping you to:

  • Determine if your service is meeting your customer's expectations
  • Identify potential areas for growth or improvement
  • Ensure your staff are providing high levels of customer service
  • Improve your overall customer relationship management
  • Find out how Scorebuddy can help improve your staff performance management processes by e-mailing us on info@scorebuddy.co.uk.


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