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Giving Is Not A Selfless Act


Written by Scorebuddy


At Christmas time, more so than any other time of year, people feel compelled to give. Corporates often choose this time of year to be more generous too by giving bonuses to staff and making increased contributions to charities and worthy causes. Check out our white paper on call centres giving back.

Giving is not a Selfless Act

The idea that giving is not a selfless act was highlighted by Phoebe and Joey in an episode of Friends when she proclaimed that people give partially to make themselves feel good about themselves. She was not wrong as research carried out by Moll in 2006 showed that people may even like giving gifts more than receiving them. In a similar light we found that the receiving organisations are not the only people who benefit from charitable donations of time, help or funding. Those who contributed feel a sense of a pride and are more energised by 'doing good'.

What's the Science Behind Gifting?

Psychologists from UC-Santa Barbara found that in situations where a person knows that they will never again meet the receiver and nobody knows what decision they have made, irrationally people choose to incur costs themselves in order to allocate benefits to others more often than not.

Why is Giving Back Relevant for Call Centres?

Giving back is important for every organisation, it may have a bigger impact on call centres due to the high numbers of staff and the repetitive nature of working in a call centre can negatively impact employee engagement rates. Getting agents involved in local initiatives has proven to increase engagement levels with their employer. We wrote a white paper on the benefits of a call centre giving back to their local community and we have showed that, in a way, it is not a selfless act because there a multiple benefactors: the receiving charity/organisation, call centre agents and the business.

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