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Agent Feedback CycleGiving agents feedback is part of the routine of running a call centre and is used to identify strengths and weaknesses and ultimately improve performance.  There are clear steps in feedback indicating a cyclical nature yet when we consider what feedback aims to achieve; learning, improvement, progression we visualize it in a linear fashion.

However let’s consider the wheels of a bicycle; the spokes always stay same but each new revolution has an advanced starting point so the bike itself is always moving forward. Therefore if feedback reaches its goals of learning and improvement as each new "cycle" begins it will have moved on from the previous starting point.

Here are the stages in the feedback cycle;

Feedback Given

Team Leader or Quality Analyst will score agents interactions with customers and share results with the agent, preferably through an agent dashboard immediately after scoring. Research has shown that a long time gap between scoring and feedback is an inhibitor for driving improvement, the faster the agent sees their results the quicker they can implement change.

Agent Reviews Score

Agent look at their overall score and the detailed scorecard to get a deep understanding of expectations and performance.

Agent Reviews Scored Interaction

The scored call/chat/email should be attached to the scorecard for the customer service representative to review and compare to the scorecard to again increase their understanding.  This allows for greater transparency.

Two-way conversation

Manager and agent sit down and discuss the scores and review the interactions together.

Future Planning

Both manager and agent make a plan together of how interactions will be tackled in the future.

Improved Behaviour

The agent will hopefully implement the agreed upon actions and their behaviour and performance will be improved.

Agent Feedback Cycle



The cycles don't rotate statically because they are being pushed forward by the internal activities occurring during all the steps of the process, thus agent feedback can be described as both cyclical and linear in its progress.

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