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Written by Scorebuddy


Call centres have become an integral part of an enormous range of businesses and sectors. This can make it difficult to establish effective and comprehensive call quality monitoring that can apply across all of these sectors.

Call quality monitoring software thus needs to be highly flexible and customisable while still retaining the ability to give detailed qualitative data analysis. Modularity is one means by which quality monitoring software can be adapted to a diverse range of business types. There are a number of different modular extensions available for Scorebuddy's quality monitoring system. Depending on the particular needs of a company, additions such as data analytics can be made.


Scorebuddy's engaging scorecard system also has a high level of customization available. Scorecards can be designed using an intuitive drag and drop system that mixes and matches templates. The scorecards can be designed to reflect a company's organisational structure as well as the particular focus of the business.

The intuitive and familiar interface used by Scorebuddy makes it instantly accessible to all members of staff. This means companies overcome many of the potential adoption issues that can come with implementing a new software system. In fact, Scorebuddy is so simple it can be implemented within a single day. This ease of use and speedy deployment make Scorebuddy an ideal call quality monitoring system for any business however large or small.


Presenting the information collected by quality monitoring software is a critical component of performance improvement. The analytics module allows information to be presented in the form of graphs and charts. This means it can be clearly and quickly understood by all staff. The areas that require most attention are recognised immediately. Data can also be drilled down into to discover nuances in trends and agent behaviours that can provide simple but highly effective measures to improve performance.

Agent engagement is critical to the success of any performance improvement efforts. No matter what industry or business sector employees work in, they all respond to clear, structured direction and positive, constructive feedback. Scorebuddy's unique scoring system provides employees with a clear and directive means of acting on performance goals and understanding when they have been successful in attaining those goals.

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