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Client Requirement

FEXCO had an existing system in place to measure the quantitative performance of Agents - number of calls handled etc. However there was a gap in the performance monitoring process as the ability to measure and analyse the qualitative performance of each Agent was limited, as this was handled through Excel spreadsheets.

The company looked for a solution but found the options available in the marketplace were both expensive and inflexible. They also required external support to make necessary amendments e.g. on the scoring system.

FEXCO worked with Sentient in relation to other services and the company was aware that Sentient specialises in software solutions for Contact Centres and similar environments.


Scorebuddy, the web based Quality Monitoring and Reporting tool is designed to replace spreadsheets by using the platform to help Score, Track and Review outcomes. Sentient introduced Scorebuddy as a potential solution for FEXCO and the system was tested for three months.

FEXCO Senior Manager, Anna Paterek says “Scorebuddy was quick to implement, it’s very user-friendly, it offers real value for money and it has great analytics. On top of that the support is excellent.”


Soon after the proof of concept period was complete, the Quality team began to get requests from other departments to have the roll-out of Scorebuddy accelerated. Within a few months it was rolled it out across all of FEXCO’s contact centres.

Scorebuddy also secured better buy-in from the team. “Scorebuddy has increased the level of compliance in terms of quality monitoring in the organisation. More importantly it has greatly contributed to improving the performance of agents as there has been buy-in throughout the team. We’re delighted with the results.”

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