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Written by Scorebuddy


Developing a system to record, measure and evaluate the performance of call centre agents can be a huge investment in time and resources.

Using applications and software not purposely designed for performance evaluation can create huge numbers of confusing documents and spreadsheets that do not clearly illustrate what they are intended to. Keeping track of an ad-hoc call centre performance management system can be difficult. If all of the possible indicators have not been accounted for in advance they may need to be incorporated along the way creating a confusing and conflicting system. In the end such a system may create more inefficiencies than it removes. 

Implementing a purpose built call centre performance management system on the other hand immediately gives management access to a whole suite of tools that accurately records data and displays it clearly and concisely. Scorebuddy is a call centre performance monitoring software suite that enables comprehensive and easy to understand call centre performance management.

Scorebuddy is designed in such a way that it provides a wealth of information allowing management and their staff to review performance information in great detail yet the system as a whole is simple enough that it can be installed and implemented in less than a day. This means there is no anxiety at having to accommodate a new system into the workload or any prolonged period of training required to familiarise staff with the system.

A comprehensive analytics suite provides managers with an array of applications that can present specific data in different visualisation graphs and charts enabling performance indicators to be compared and contrasted. Drill downs provide useful insights into detailed data. This can be useful for discovering the reasons behind poor performance in otherwise effective staff or for enabling high performing staff to get that little bit extra out of their performance.

Broader overviews of the performance of the agent workforce as a whole can highlight trends in group performance and training gaps that need to be filled.
Scorebuddy saves time over unwieldy proprietary or ad hoc performance recording systems by presenting data in a clear and concise format that can be implemented within a day.

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