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Written by Scorebuddy


Call centre software should be easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate and provide users with a simple but effective mechanism for assessing their call centre’s performance.

In addition to being user-friendly, software should be highly secure and able to store as much data as its user needs. Administration and reporting functions should also be present in the software and enable easy access and sharing functionality. 

Quality call centre management can improve communications, build better relationships between staff and management and improve customer service.
Scorebuddy, a cloud based call monitoring and reporting tool, provides UK call centres with a simple staff scoring solution that replaces traditional proprietary spreadsheets and documents with a familiar Microsoft interface.

The Scorebuddy system brings a new level of usability to call centre management and allows call supervisors to conduct management activities like:

- Performing call listening and assessment
- Establishing performance benchmarks
- Viewing reports and analysing campaign trends
- Planning new campaigns and initiatives
- Sharing assessment data with call centre operatives and management

How does Scorebuddy’s call centre software work?

Using the Score Buddy scorecard tool, call centre managers and supervisors can simply select and deselect categories on a pre-designed web form while listening to a call in order to assess the call agent’s performance and customer service levels.

Evaluators mark scores in relation to the agent’s performance, add comments using a drop down menu or complete comments in a free form box. By the end of the assessment they have built a complete report which they can then share with the agent for training purposes or complete a form to submit recommendations to management. Audio files, emails or chat threads can also be attached to provide a more in-depth record.

New software technology is better for business

Scorebuddy’s innovative technology is helping UK call centres to improve their operations by giving them a tool which cuts down on paperwork and time-consuming auditing activities, steadily improves call centre KPIs and offers a great return on investment.

For a free 30 day trial of the Scorebuddy call centre software system fill out our online sales form. 

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