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Written by Scorebuddy


Scorebuddy's hosted call monitoring software is revolutionising UK call centres.

More and more UK contact centres are realising the benefits of using a simple and intuitive web-based program to monitor their call centre staff's performance. With Scorebuddy's hosted call monitoring software they can monitor, assess and share staff performance statistics.

For UK call centres this evolution in staff performance assessment means improved productivity and customer service levels across the entire call centre, from frontline call centre agents to back office accounts, through to customer service and staff training departments. Team supervisors and management will especially benefit from improved methods of staff assessment, as call monitoring software provides a more intuitive, reliable and time-saving way to track staff performance, share results data and make recommendations.

How can call monitoring software improve your call centre performance?

The Scorebuddy system can vastly improve workplace efficiency and performance across a range of areas. The easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate web-based system increases productivity while boosting staff morale and saving UK call centres time and money.

Workplace efficiency – By measuring staff performance against best practices, supervisors can help staff improve their skills through targeted training. As a result, staff become more productive while unnecessary training times are reduced.

Cost savings – By ensuring staff are doing their jobs correctly fewer errors will be made. This in turn saves businesses the expense of fixing costly mistakes.

Customer satisfaction – Call monitoring software provides staff with performance feedback. As their results steadily improve so to does the level of customer service they provide. Customer satisfaction increases, as does the esteemed reputation of your company.

Improved efficiency of production, quality of service and overall profit margins are three powerful reasons more and more UK call centres are choosing call monitoring software solutions for their company.

The clunky databases and complicated spreadsheets so many call centres rely on will soon be a thing of the past. To make sure you are ready for the revolution in call centre practices and for a free 30 day trial of the Scorebuddy web-based scoring system call +44 (0) 203 5140415 or fill out our online sales form.

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