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For call centres, employees are the most critical component of a business, and one of the most costly. Their ability to handle calls correctly determines the success of the organization.

In order to provide the highest possible quality of service call centres must continually appraise and work to improve the performance of staff. This means that call centre staff performance management is an important task for business owners to carry out on a regular basis.  A call centre is only as good as its last interaction so maintaining high quality customer service consistently is imperative.

Specially designed call centre software can take much of the hard work out of call centre performance management. Many companies, particularly smaller ones continue to manually collect data and use outdated systems to interpret, analyse and distribute that data. This can be time consuming process and many companies that work like this because they think their company is not big enough to justify the cost of implementing call centre performance monitoring software. For the majority of cases this is a false economy. For one, the costs that would be saved by an automated data collection and analysing software system would quickly offset the initial outlay. Secondly, the cost of such systems is likely lower than might be expected and modular systems mean a company only pays for what it needs and can upgrade as they grow.

One such modular call centre staff performance management software system is Scorebuddy. Scorebuddy is designed to grow with businesses, providing a means for smaller businesses to greatly improve the efficiency of their performance management and increase their business.  As it is a pay-as-you-use service its perfect for small contact centres on a low budget.

Some of the modular additions available for Scorebuddy include a comprehensive analytics system, Data Integration and Agent Insight for fine tuning agent performance. As a company grows and can find value in ever more comprehensive performance improvements these modules become essential additions.

Another element that Scorebuddy provides to further improve employee performance is its scoring system. Agent engagement is an important facet of call centre performance management. The ability to provide staff with additional motivation that improves performance while at the same time establishing clear and achievable goals is an incredibly valuable resource. Where agents may have previously become frustrated with vague directions on how to improve performance and limited incentives with Scorebuddy's scoring system goals and challenges are laid out in a clear and engaging format.


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