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Written by Scorebuddy


In any business the use of an instrument that enables continuous evaluation of the service that business provides would be invaluable.

For call centre operations that invaluable instrument is available in the form of specialist call centre software called Scorebuddy. It is a scoring system for staff that uses clear and simple interfaces to precisely show the effectiveness of staff members and what areas their strengths lie in and what areas need improvement.

By replacing numerous spreadsheets and word documents with a simple and precise score sheet Scorebuddy call centre software saves mangers time compiling employee data and subsequently explaining that data to the employee. It also makes it clear to the employee what their performance is rather than confusing them with hordes of data, enabling them to focus on the key points they need to improve.

Scorebuddy call centre software

Scorebuddy call centre software also incorporates a comprehensive analytics suite. Amongst the many possibilities this provides for managers it allows them to identify specific skill gaps amongst staff. It also allows teams to be grouped and analysed separately. These different analyses can be graphed or charted in a number of ways to more clearly visualise differences and exceptions. Where an employee appears to be fully competent yet their performance does not reflect that, data can be drilled down into to reveal subtle variables that may otherwise have gone undetected.

By engaging staff with clear ongoing scoring systems rather than receiving somewhat arbitrary and irregular evaluations they are more enthusiastic about improving their performance. It can also engage with their competitive side, compelling them to learn new skills and challenge themselves to improve on their performance records. When it is clear to staff how they can go about improving their performance and making it clear when they have and why it makes improvements more appealing and less fraught with uncertainty. Staff are more inclined to make improvements when they are assured that such improvements will be recognised. With the Scorebuddy call centre scoring system in place it is impossible for improvements to go unnoticed.
Data collected by Scorebuddy can be easily shared with staff so they can review call recordings, coaching plans and remind themselves what errors they have made previously and how to avoid them.



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