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Written by Scorebuddy


When it comes to call centre performance management, the key challenge for UK call centre supervisors is maintaining a consistent staff performance assessment and reporting process. With fidgety and outmoded forms of recording data, such as cumbersome spreadsheets and documents, unreliable files, or by simply providing their staff with word-of-mouth feedback, supervisors can easily lose track of their staff's performance levels and make major judgement errors on call centre campaigns.

What team supervisors need is an intuitive and reliable call centre performance management tool that makes staff assessment and reporting efficient and consistent.

Scorebuddy's call centre performance management tool

The Scorebuddy 'Score Card' system is a web-based hosted call monitoring software solution.

Using an existing template, supervisors can design a scorecard that meets the specific needs of a campaign. The intuitive form builder can be divided and organised into relevant sections. Quick selection drop down boxes or free form comments fields can be added. And as the assessment takes place, the score automatically tallies, allowing for super-fast assessments and data recording to take place.

Supervisors can set up as many different scorecards as they need to evaluate and score calls. Each catergory can be given a different weighting depending on the needs of the campaign, and specific campaign targets can be outlined, with easy notifications set up that indicate whether targets have been achieved or if there are any points of failure.

Benefits of the Scorebuddy call centre performance management tool

  • Drag and drop design allows for easy and intuitive scorecard building and editing
  • Assign relevant campaign questions to sections depending on the need of the campaign brief
  • Easy to set scoring scales and labels. Weight questions according to importance
  • Set 'Points of Failure' to quickly indicate when further training or disciplinary action needs to take place
  • Quick pick comments tailored to your campaign mean you can make assessments without losing track of the call
  • Categorise multiple event types and subtypes

For more information on call centre performance management for UK call centre supervisors contact Scorebuddy on +44 (0) 203 5140415.

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