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In selecting a system to implement the most effective call centre performance management there are a number of factors to consider.

The first is size. How large should a business be before they make the investment in a comprehensive call centre performance management software system? Some smaller business continue to operate in-house performance management systems, keeping records on spreadsheets, recording progress manually, and trawling through reams of inefficiently organised data looking for patterns that may or may not be there. Very often the reason companies continue such practices is due to their size and the mistaken belief that they are not yet large enough to necessitate the infrastructural investment of a call centre performance management monitoring system.

With modularised systems such as Scorebuddy's call centre monitoring software companies can start off small and as the performance monitoring software's benefits help to grow the company the software can grow with it. Scorebuddy allows for modules such as Analytics, Data Integration and Agent Insight to be added as and when needed.

Another factor to consider in selecting a monitoring system for call centre performance management is agent engagement. If a performance monitor does not effectively engage with the employees whose performance is to improve it makes the job of managers more difficult. One of Scorebuddy's primary features is its innovative and engaging scoring system. It provides an effective means for employees to actively engage with the performance improvement process.

With clear and intuitive interfaces call centre agents can quickly and comprehensively understand what improvements need to be made to increase their score. The scoring system then gives immediate and concise feedback, rewarding employees directly. Often performance monitoring systems can provide a lot of specific data and be highly informative about what areas of employee performance need improvement. But the feedback for employees can seem somewhat removed. This can frustrate employees who feel a though they are working to improve but cannot make the clear connection between abstract data and their efforts.

Scorebuddy's scoring system works to bridge that gap and provide employees with immediate feedback and a clear framework within which to improve performance and make performance management more effective.


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