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Written by Scorebuddy


Take the hassle out of call centre monitoring for your busy UK customer service centre by installing web-based staff monitoring and reporting software.

A Scorebuddy call centre monitoring system will not only save you hours of staff administration time and provide you with an effective and streamlined employee reporting system, but it will also provide you with a powerful tool for identifying areas of strength and weakness in your call centre team. With this valuable information you can give insightful staff feedback, arrange further training when required and identify when, how and why campaigns are succeeding or failing.

How does the Scorebuddy call centre monitoring system make life easy for your UK organisation?

Scorebuddy's call centre monitoring software is intuitive, flexible and easy to use. Key features include:

• Easy to get started – our call centre monitoring software is quick and easy to install. We provide simple step-by-step installation guidelines and templates that make it easy for you to set up Scorebuddy on your computer.

• Easy to scale – Our monitoring and reporting tools are scalable to the needs of your organisation. You can start small and expand as you see fit.

• Easy to retrieve scores – Users can access scores and reports of call centre staff, review staff performance over time, and access details of where staff performance excels and where it needs improvement.

• Easy to integrate – You can export the Scorebuddy data to third party applications like your own business analysis platforms. With this function, you can ensure your call centre reports are in line with company guidelines.

• Easy to share information – Scorebuddy make it easy to share call centre monitoring results and outcomes with individuals, teams and call centre management.

• Easy to identify training gaps – The Scorebuddy system makes it easy to assess the performance of staff by reviewing comments, analysing scores and identifying areas that require additional training.

For a free 30 day trial of the Scorebuddy web-based call centre monitoring system or for more information on our products and services contact us in the UK on +44 (0) 203 5140415 or fill out our online sales form.


Bonus Benefits

With Scorebuddy quality monitoring you get the following benefits as a bonus!

  • Analysis, in depth knowledge and improvement of scripts and processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • A quality Audit Trail for review and as a reference for HR in the event of disputes
  • Better understanding of common customer complaints and concerns
  • General troubleshooting

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