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Written by Scorebuddy


Call centre call monitoring is vastly improved when a staff scoring system is implemented.

Scoring systems enable supervisors to accurately assess their agent's performance, provide targeted training based on assessment results and also encourage staff to achieve targets and maintain excellent customer service standards.

Vague and undefined assessment systems often fail because there is no set standard upon which to base the assessments. This means supervisors may use vastly different approaches which can cause conflicting results. Score cards provide this standard making staff evaluations more uniform.

The Scorebuddy score card

Scorebuddy is a score card solution for contact centres that utilises cloud-based technology. The software allows supervisors and managers to create tailored campaign assessment sheets, input unique data, attach files and supporting documents and easily share and store assessment results for future reference.

The Score Card tool offers your business a more streamlined and productive way of managing your customer relationship management. Improve staff effectiveness and engagement – Scorebuddy can help improve staff effectiveness by measuring outcomes against best practices and business objectives. By comparing results on the score card employees are encouraged to continually improve performance and become more attentive and productive.

Focus training and resources – The score card tool can help supervisors see precisely where gaps in knowledge occur and arrange more tailored staff training. Evaluations can be attached to score cards along with audio clips, messages and other relevant documentation. This all helps to create a more accurate picture of the agent's performance. Improve customer satisfaction – Because of the incentive to achieve targets and maintain a good score, agents will naturally become more adept at customer service and in turn your customers will enjoy a better experience when dealing with your contact centre.

In addition to these benefits, Scorebuddy's score card system can:

  • Reduce customer churn

  • Provide root cause analysis

  • Highlight points of failure or compliance breaches

  • Aid better understanding of customer complaints and concerns

  • Improve trouble shooting and problem solving

There are many benefits to Scorebuddy's call centre call monitoring software.  Find out more by emailing info@scorebuddy.co.uk


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