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Addressing the changing needs of Call Centre Analytics

ScoreBuddy changes with the times to improve QA analytics

Written by Scorebuddy


Recording call centre analytics is no longer a straightforward process for UK call centres.

Where once a simple listening device and assessment document would suffice, these days call centres have more sophisticated technologies and call centre agents have more complex roles requiring greater productivity.

Many call centres are now multimedia contact centres that rely as much on email and web-based communications as phone interactions. Agents are now handling multiple media channels simultaneously and have detailed forms to fill out as they handle a customer call.

To meet the demand for a more state-of-the-art system to record and analyse call centre interactions, UK call centre assessment software company Scorebuddy has developed the Scorebuddy Score Card system.

Scorebuddy’s score card cloud-based analytics has the following capabilities:

- Score customer interactions and outcomes using a web-based platform to assess agent performance.
- See real-time customer service interactions to provide as-it-happened feedback to staff.
- Multiple score card types allow user flexibility. Use an existing template to tweak your score cards to suit individual calling campaigns.
- See detailed critical metrics. Scorebuddy can gather, collate and report on quality scores and export that data to be incorporated into third party business intelligence systems.
- View, review and share all key performance indicators (KPIs) with staff, management and clients with an easy-to-use quick and simple analytics system.
Additional features of the Scorebuddy score card include:
- Usage of your Salesforce credentials to set up a secure scheduled export of score data to an (s)FTP location.
- Functionality with the latest web browsers. Scorebuddy looks great using Safari, Chrome and the latest versions of Internet Explorer.
- Downloadable data to your hard drive. You can selectively download and archive your data, including completed score cards and files, to your own hard drive or delete data from the Scorebuddy servers when you need to.

Scorebuddy is a scalable service that grows with your need. Add additional modules as you need them, including Analytics, Data Integration and Agent Insight.

For more information on using Scorebuddy for your call centre analytics and assessments, you can check out our pricing page or, if you want to test drive our software, request a Free Trial here.

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