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Written by Scorebuddy


We understand that when you need to a buy a software product for your business you'll have to answer to many people in your organisation. One of the most important questions to ask and one that's a common query from budget holders is "What's the return?".

Calculate Scorebuddy's Return on Investment


We have created a formula to calculate the return on investment you would gain from using Scorebuddy for monitoring quality in your call centre.

Go to ROI Calculator for Scorebuddy

Why is the Return on Investment for a Quality Monitoring Solution Important?

The primary reason for monitoring calls, email, live chat, etc. in a call centre is to improve performance. You often need to estimate how much the quality monitoring solution will help you improve performance and thus what return you will gain for the purchase. If you have a choice between 4/5 options you will want to know the cost (time & effort) you will need to invest and the return you will expect to achieve. This information will really help you make a decision on which quality monitoring solution is right for your call centre.


How does Scorebuddy Calculate the ROI of their Quality Monitoring Tool for You?

Scorebuddy calculates the return on investment for their quality monitoring tool by using the number of call centre agents, supervisors and business analysts and assessing the time savings and productivity improvements that can be gained from using Scorebuddy. The calculator then compares this with the investment that would be required for Scorebuddy and this triggers the ROI figure.

Calculate your ROI for Scorebuddy's Quality Monitoring solution here.

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