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Multimedia Call Centres  Multimedia Call Centres

Massive growth in online and social media communications channels means traditional Call Centres have evolved into Multimedia Contact Centres where all forms of customer interaction are being managed. In some businesses Email and Chat account for over 90% of interactions. These non verbal interactions still need to meet the quality demanded by customers but frequently scoring is still using spreadsheets! Monitoring customer service on an ongoing basis is directly linked to improving customer satisfaction.

Scorebuddy can help with the growing multimedia nature of contacts and with the increasing need for compliance audits on outbound and backoffice activities.


Financial  Regulated Outbound Contacts

In the financial sector compliance with regulation can involve scoring outbound customer contacts, credit control is a good example were excessive demands and the tone and the content of the dialogue need to meet minimum standards and for an evaluation audit trail to be maintained. Scorebuddy is ideal for meeting compliance standards quickly highlighting non compliance allowing steps can be taken to eliminate the problem, breaches in compliance can automatically alert managers by email.

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Back-Office Process AuditingBack-office Audits

Call Centres are increasingly conscious of the need to drive quality into back office functions. Use scorebuddy to enhance your call center monitoring by providing the insight so you take the right actions. Scorebuddy allows you to adopt the the same quality tool you apply to customer interactions to back office processes. Typical would be complaints handling, account closures or refunds. Scorebuddy tracks outcomes and maintains an audit trail of activities.

Software Localisation & Testing Software Localisation and Testing

International software companies involved in localisation and testing need to maintain high standards, scorebuddy can help by allowing the translators, proofreaders and quality team to set the standards, measure, track and collaborate.

Translation & Dictation Services Translation and Dictation Services

High quality translation is a mixture of language and editorial skills. Syntax, tone and linguistics combine to give an accurate translation for one language to another, whether this is a legal document, book, web site content or other media. Scorebuddy can ensure that the translator, proofreader and quality manager collaborate to deliver consistently high quality output.

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