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Improve the Standard of Customer Service

As a quality monitoring tool for call centres Scorebuddy's primary goal is to improve the delivery of customer service to your end customers. As such each feature focuses on highlighting trends in performance; good and bad. By paying close attention these highs and lows changes can be made to improve customer service levels.

Improve Staff Effectiveness

Scorebuddy was built to monitor call centre agents performance. In the process we realised there are many more staff groups involved in call centre agent performance other than agents; Team Leaders, Supervisors, Quality Analysts, Coaches, Human Resource Personnel, Customer Service Managers, Call Centre Managers, Head of Operations, Outsource Clients. Scorebuddy improves the effectiveness of all staff in relation to perfermance management.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Scorebuddy is simple call monitoring software designed to score the quality of calls regularly and consistently. With Scorebuddy in your call monitoring process agents strive to provide excellent customer interactions because they are motivated by peer pressure and a natural desire to succeed. Feedback is delivered in positive terms and illustrated with detailed comments strengthening engagement with the Agent.

Focus Training on Gaps

Use Scorebuddy to enhance your call center monitoring to provide insight so you take the right actions. Identify knowledge or skill gaps using Scorebuddy analytics so training can have maximum effect. Evaluators can attach a file to a scored card so that staff have an audio recording, email or IM sample to reference when reviewing a score which raises the learning ability of agents.

Improve Agent Engagement

Monitoring customer service on an ongoing basis is directly linked to improving customer satisfaction. By engaging agents in an ongoing quality process and providing them with meaningful personal feedback Scorebuddy can accelerate learning and promote an understanding of what drives best practice.

Bonus Benefits

With Scorebuddy you get the following benefits as a bonus!

  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Carry out Root Cause Analysis
  • Highlight Points of Failure or Compliance Breaches
  • Better Understanding of Common Customer Complaints and Concerns
  • General Trouble Shooting

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